Rise Of The Patient #ROTPt: A Trilogy in Health Care


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Join me as I interview Dr. David Lewis as he shares his life experience in the health care system as a Family Doctor, Patient and Caregiver. Bio David Lewis FRCSEd, MRCGP David Lewis is a family doctor in United Kingdom. David completed medical training at Monash University and Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Postgraduate training in United Kingdom in general surgery then family medicine followed. In 1990, David was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkins Lymphoma. This was the same year his father died from lung cancer, and he married Danielle. Danielle was pregnant with their first child at the time of diagnosis. Anxious to have further children, David delayed essential treatment for the lymphoma to store sperm. This action has been vindicated because twins were born in 1994 with help of IVF; the children are among first 5000 IVF babies in UK. In 2007, David suffered a heart attack requiring emergency intervention, followed by quadruple bypass surgery. The heart surgery was successful, but a complication developed requiring further surgery in January 2008. Sadly, this operation was complicated by respiratory arrest and subsequent 5 weeks on a ventilator. Today, David works full time in National Health Service General Practice with three Partners. The practice also serves as a site for the University College London Medical School “Medicine in Community” program. The practice is in a suburban area and looks after over 6,600 people from cradle to grave. In the last couple of years David has developed an interest in promoting the use of information technology for professional development and peer support David on Twitter David on Google Plus Search #rotpt for related episodes

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