Rise Of The Patient #ROTPt: Best Endings


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This episode is part of a larger program that will run for 3 months: The Rise Of The Patient. (#ROTPt) Click this link for more details on the program There is a movement happening. It is a quiet one however a critical one. Patients are finding their voice and are driving conversations in various arenas that are not necessarily in your traditional healthcare space. The movement has grown significantly since the advent of the social web. They are driving change. In this episode, I interview Kathy Kastner on Best Endings. The topic we rarely discuss and yet a topic that should have one of the highest priorities Here is an except from Kathy's site [ A shocking realization, 100% of us die! I want to know more, so that I can have the Best Ending] Join me as we discussed healthcare, the organized voice and of course the Best Ending. Kathy Kastner. Founder, BestEndings Former television journalist, Kathy identifies and helps fill gaps in patient-centered health education. Her award-winning hospital-based tv networks broadcast across North America. Taking her insights to the digital world, Kathy’s newest initiative guides through medical options at life’s end: BestEndings.com

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