Ep. 053 - Threads of Genius: What Fashion Brands Are Doing Better Than You


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You know times have changed when a high-end heritage brand like Gucci starts posting memes. Fashion and social media have always been a perfect match, but fashion brands’ innovative uses of social media are setting a precedent for the rest. Our guest for episode 053 of Social Minds is Amy Miller, senior account manager in fashion at Social Chain. In this episode, we find out how ethical conversations are impacting the fashion industry, what drives teenagers to wear luxury labels and why Amy believes the high street is far from dead. Our conversation shows that social is in vogue, and no sector is proving that more than fashion; from luxury to fast fashion, clothing brands and retailers are busy weaving the fabric of online experience. But as others are left to watch and learn, we discuss the brass tactics being used by fashion brands that are available for every brand to try its hand at. Plus, we delve into the emerging opportunities in new media - including podcasting - while providing proof that digital and social media is an absolute must for every kind of fashion brand.

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