S.O.F.T. and Strong: Brave Enough To Love Being Me After 50


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Hey amazingly brave lady. They say that the #1 reason women fear aging is not about being poor or being alone or getting sick (though these definitely rank high on the list) - the #1 Fear is that you will DISAPPEAR. Become irrelevant. No longer matter to anyone. Just fade into the sunset. You most likely know a few women who have ended up there... BUT THAT'S NOT YOU! You are Brave Enough to meet this next phase with courage, presence, intelligence and intention. Purpose! Pizazz! LOVE! That's what this Podcast is. A "how to" do that. Age Beautifully. By creating a very powerful IDENTITY. That's simply about WHO YOU ARE. For real. The real you. 15 minute episodes walk you through step by step toward being YOU and how to KEEP BEING YOU. Even though the years are passing by, getting older will no longer be the focus. Because you'll be Living the SWEET LIFE. Bravely. Passionately. As you. Come join us!

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