Episode 207: All the good stuff is proprietary


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Why does SDN even exist? (No, not SDT, but Software Defined Networking). Also, we discuss a recent Google Anthos interview as well, some kubernetes stuff, and the Mongolian Grill restaurant concept. Sorry for all the plosives. Coté needs to get mic cover for his portable podcasting studio and that Tesla truck thing.

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Mood board:

  • Now we’ve got two topics.
  • The sweet and sour sauce was just pineapple juice.
  • Every culture has its tortilla.
  • Well, definitely, everything just tasted sort of brown.
  • This is where I learned about organized crime.
  • I learned how to use the meat slicer.
  • “There was hiding in the meat freezer.”
  • I have a lot of stories from my time at the Mongolian BBQ.
  • Nobody wants to go update the MIBs or something
  • 90% of software innovation happens because developers don’t want to talk to people.
  • 70% of software innovation comes from people not wanting to pay for shit.
  • Life is basically a risk-curve analysis.
  • Stuffing!
  • I’m like the David Foster Wallace of podcast footnotes.
  • The most sincere ad read ever.
  • Nobody cares about your open source glue.
  • Why don’t you change your terribleness?
  • There’s a lot of money in muck.
  • In Search of Excellence strikes again!
  • The PT Cruiser was a hand me down - it wasn’t my choice.
  • Black Friday/Black Week.
  • Zwarte Piet, pepernoot.

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Listener Feedback

  • Sent stickers to Chris in Pittsburgh. He says. “Thanks much for the show, look forward to every week and the great mix of strategy, Kubernetes, parenting, meat, and travel.’
  • Ashish from Charlotte and he say he “Loves the show.”

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Outro: A good buy, from Hands on a Hardbody.

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