Episode 208: re:Invent, Oracle's stickyness, and medieval stick candy-bread


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It’s the re:Invent episode! We also have digressions/delights on why Oracle is so sticky despite (rival vendors tell us) how much people want to leave it. And, since it’s that time of year, Sinterklaas. Sometime in December we’ll do a listener questions (and our answers) episode. Send us your questions in Slack or in Twitter or whatever with by tagging them with hashbrowns #asksdt.

Mood board:

  • #asksdt
  • “Where are you thought-lording us to?”
  • Pepernoot.
  • Always pack a back-up croissant.
  • Here’s the thing with bread.
  • I thought he hated the swans.
  • Dogs clearly rank as humanities number one friend.
  • Then it’s bread/alcohol.
  • Everyone knows when Bastille Day is Coté.
  • Halloween in London grocery stores: not this shit again.
  • They got a pee-jug back there?

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