#83 Reuven Lerner had his career all planned out?


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Reuven took us on a rollercoaster, from his discovery of programming, his first classes and tryouts, to his life changing discovery on the Web while at MIT. He took us through his first jobs and taught us how he became a consultant. We discussed his experience as a broad T-Shaped consultant, and slowly converged toward his training business. We then focused on learning, teaching and the key skills required to strive in this business. We finally finished brushing over the history of Reuven's new book "Python Workout", how it came to be, and how it is going to influence his business in the future.
Reuven is a full-time Python trainer. He teaches courses at companies in the US, Europe, Israel, India, China and of course, online. Among other activities, Reuven has been running Lerner Consulting since 1995. He is also the CTO of "Rent Like a Champion", an event-based home-rental company based in Chicago. And on the side, Reuven pushes his newsletter called “Better developers” to more than 10.000 readers every week. Last but not least, Reuven is currently doing the last edits of his book “Python Workout” which will be published by Manning early next year.
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