#85 Shedrack Akintayo a web developer from Nigeria


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Shedrack first took us through his discovery of Python coding and his engineering studies. We talked about how his first mentor opened his eyes on the coding world, and how he quickly moved into it. We then moved to the jobs Shedrack did on the side during his studies and how this prepared him for becoming a contractor. We then discussed the remote gigs he did, and how it is to work with different cultures. We talked about fears, trust, learning and communication. We then discussed about Shedrack's last job... which is not entirely remote, and how this new situation feels to him. Finally, we jumped over to talk about open source software development and communities and the work Shedrack is doing for OpenSource Africa.
Shedrack is a Software Developer from Nigeria. He is a strong lover of community building and is a huge fan of Open Source Software Development. He leads the ReactJS clan of the Facebook Developers Circles Lagos, Nigeria. And spends the rest of his free time playing soccer or listening to music.
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