#86 Jamison Dance implores you to be nice to other people


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Jamison quickly took us through his studies, how he zoomed in on computer sciences... not without a few detours beforehand. We talked about his part time jobs and how he learned what a bad manager can be. We then jumped forward a few years to talk about management, what it takes to do a good job there, the challenges and successes of the function. We finished talking about two dreaded responsibilities of a manager: hiring and firing and how Jamison made his way through this.

Jamison is a code whisperer and experienced product engineer. He has led teams and been led. Jamison is currently an engineering manager at Walmart Labs leading a distributed team in building delightful APIs and UIs that configure Walmart’s performance systems. He also co-hosts the "Soft Skills Engineering podcast". If this name is new to you, you should definitely listen to Episode 77 of this very DevJourney podcast where I interviewed Dave Smith, the other half of the co-hosts of this show. Oh and Jamison thinks you are great!
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