#87 Denise Gosnell is working at the bleeding edge of data science


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Denise's choice for STEM and maths was a no brainer, but the rest of the journey wasn't as clear. There were many forks along the way. Denise first told us about her maths studies and how she inadvertedly discovered graphs theory. She described how her aversion for a focus on teaching led her to digging deeper into the graphs field that became the subject of her PhD. We the talked about moving from academia to the industry. Denise told us about her job at the startup PokitDok and how it felt to combine the rigor or data science with the willingness to move fast of the startup world. We brushed over her experience as an evangelist. And finally we talked about DataStax and Denise's role working on OpenSource, with Cassandra, the NoSQL movement and some of the most brilliant minds in the graph theory space. Denise finished by giving us two advices: don't be afraid to fail, and trust yourself!
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