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Automation has the potential to eliminate rote jobs such as call center workers and truck drivers.

The downstream effects of automation also leads to new jobs, such as data labeling and robot operations. The net effect of modern automation technology is unclear, but it is likely to cause some disruption in the job market. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an economic policy idea in which a government sends money to every person living in the country.

The goal of UBI is to reduce the impact of dramatic changes to the economy that are resulting from accelerating technological change.

Floyd Marinescu is the CEO of C4 Media, the company that produces the QCon conference series and the InfoQ website for software engineers. Floyd has worked in the software industry for decades and in recent years has become an advocate for basic income. He is a friend and supporter of Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate who is running on a platform centered around a basic income policy.

Floyd joins the show for a discussion of the future, and the potential positive and negative consequences of implementing a basic income.

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