CockroachDB: Distributed Databases and Containerization with Spencer Kimball


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In 2003, Google developed a robust cluster management system called Borg. This enabled them to manage clusters with tens of thousands of machines, moving them away from virtual machines and firmly into container management. Then, in 2014, they open sourced a version of Borg called Kubernetes, or K8s.

Now, in 2021, CockroachDB is a distributed database designed with Kubernetes architecture in mind. CockroachDB uses regular SQL and scales by automatically distributing data and workload demands. Their databases survive machine, datacenter, and region failures, and provide guaranteed ACID compliant transactions.

In this episode, we talk to Spencer Kimball, CEO at Cockroach Labs, about distributed databases and containerization.

Full disclosure: Cockroach Labs is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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