Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppman (Summer Break Repeat)


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Originally published May 2, 2017. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes.

A new programmer learns to build applications using data structures like a queue, a cache, or a database. Modern cloud applications are built using more sophisticated tools like Redis, Kafka, or Amazon S3. These tools do multiple things well, and often have overlapping functionality. Application architecture becomes less straightforward.

The applications we are building today are data-intensive rather than compute-intensive. Netflix needs to know how to store and cache large video files, and stream them to users quickly. Twitter needs to update user news feeds with a fanout of the president’s latest tweet. These operations are simple with small amounts of data, but become complicated with a high volume of users.

Martin Kleppmann is the author of Data Intensive Applications, an O’Reilly book about how to use modern data tools to solve modern data problems. His book includes high-level discussions about architectural strategy, and lower level discussions like how leader election algorithms can create problems for a data intensive application.

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