Datomic Architecture with Marshall Thompson


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Datomic is a database system based on an append-only record keeping system. Datomic users can query the complete history of the database, and Datomic has ACID transactional support. The data within Datomic is stored in an underlying database system such as Cassandra or Postgres. The database is written in Clojure, and was co-authored by the creator of Clojure, Rich Hickey.

Datomic has a unique architecture, with a component called a Peer, which gets embedded in an application backend. A Peer stores a subset of the database data in memory in this application backend, improving the latency of database queries that hit this caching layer.

Marshall Thompson works at Cognitect, the company that supports and sells the Datomic database. Marshall joins the show to talk about the architecture of Datomic, its applications, and the life of a query against the database.

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