DFINITY: The Internet Computer with Dominic Williams


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If the Internet was reimagined with the software and hardware infrastructure we have today, what would it look like?

That is the question that DFINITY is working on answering. DFINITY’s goal is to build a decentralized, secure Internet computer. DFINITY takes concepts from the cryptocurrency world, but it is focused on computation, not financial products. DFINITY can be thought of as a decentralized cloud provider, with redundancy and scalability properties that are achieved by operating on data centers across the world.

DFINITY wants to host web applications such as the ones that we use today on centralized servers. A developer who wants to run their application on DFINITY compiles their code to WebAssembly and deploys it to the DFINITY decentralized runtime. Transactions across DFINITY applications are processed through a collateralized proof-of-stake system to ensure reliable, decentralized computation.

DFINITY is an ambitious project, and it would seem nearly impossible to bring to market if not for the quality of the team. DFINITY has hired Andreas Rossburg, a co-designer of WebAssembly, as well as talented engineers across security, web development, and backend infrastructure.

Dominic Williams is the president and chief scientist of DFINITY, and he joins the show to talk about the vision for DFINITY and the roadmap to making it a reality.

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