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freeCodeCamp was started five years ago with the goal of providing free coding education to anyone on the Internet.

freeCodeCamp has become the best place to begin learning how to write software. There are many other places that a software engineer should visit on their educational journey, but freeCodeCamp is the best place to start, because it is free, and there are no advertisements.

For most people learning to code, the price of that education is important, because they are learning to code to build a new career. It’s also important that a new programmer learns from an unbiased source of information, because an ad-supported environment will educate the new programmer towards products that they might not need.

freeCodeCamp has not been easy to build. Building freeCodeCamp has required expertise in software engineering, business, media, and community development. The donation-based business model of freeCodeCamp doesn’t collect very much money. Why would somebody build a non-profit when they could spend their time building a highly profitable software company?

Quincy Larson is the founder of freeCodeCamp, and he joins the show for a special episode about his backstory and the journey to building the best place on the Internet for a new programmer to begin.

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