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Spanner is a globally distributed, transactionally consistent database.

Spanner initially emerged as a paper that came out of Google in 2012. Around this time, database scalability was difficult to solve, even for Google. The Spanner paper offered some breakthroughs in distributed systems which allowed Google to take some of the learnings from BigTable’s eventual consistency and construct a novel system that was transactionally consistent.

Deepti Srivastava has worked on Spanner for more than six years. When she initially started working on Spanner, she was involved in the internally facing Spanner system that Google engineers used to spin up instances of the database. Today, she works as product manager for Cloud Spanner, a product within Google Cloud. Deepti joins the show to describe the breakthroughs of Spanner, and how her work has evolved since the product has gone from an internal system to an externally facing piece of cloud infrastructure.

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