Kubernetes Progress with Kelsey Hightower


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When the Kubernetes project was started, Amazon Web Services was the dominant cloud provider. Most of the code that runs AWS is closed source, which prevents an open ecosystem from developing around AWS. Developers who deploy their application onto AWS are opting into a closed, controlled ecosystem, which has both costs and benefits.

The software industry has a history of closed and open ecosystems existing at the same time. AWS represented a huge closed ecosystem. With the amount of money at stake in the cloud business, it was only a matter of time before a more open ecosystem emerged.

Since the creation of Kubernetes, the world of cloud computing has evolved rapidly. Google and Microsoft have both invested heavily into Kubernetes, and Amazon itself has adapted to the newer competitive landscape with a Kubernetes offering of its own. Amazon has also made efforts to become more publicly involved in open source projects, including Kubernetes.

Kelsey Hightower has been a part of the Kubernetes ecosystem since the project was started. He is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of Kubernetes, delivering keynotes, appearing on podcasts, and co-authoring the popular Kubernetes Up and Running. Kelsey joins the show to discuss the progress in the Kubernetes ecosystem, and the competitive dynamics between Kubernetes and AWS.


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