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Containers offer a lightweight abstraction for running a server. Cloud providers are able to manage billions of containers from different users, allowing for economies of scale so that each user can pay less.

Today, there is a variety of ways that users can deploy containers on a cloud provider. These containers can run in managed Kubernetes clusters, in functions-as-a-service, or in long-lived standalone container instances. User preferences are getting more sophisticated, with some users showing an interest in Knative, an open source serverless system originally created at Google.

Whichever container deployment system you choose, your application and its multiple servers need a way to route traffic, measure telemetry, and configure security policy. A service mesh abstraction can help serve these use cases.

Lachlan Evenson has worked in containers and Kubernetes since before the container orchestration wars. He was an engineer at Deis, a company which built an open source platform-as-a-service running on top of containers and Kubernetes. Deis was acquired by Microsoft, where Lachlan now works as principal program manager of Container Compute.

Lachlan joins the show to discuss containers, Kubernetes, and the Service Mesh Interface, an interoperable service mesh layer that Microsoft launched with Buoyant.


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