Zeit: Serverless Cloud with Guillermo Rauch


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Serverless computing is a technique for deploying applications without an addressable server.

A serverless application is running on servers, but the developer does not have access to the server in the traditional sense. The developer is not dealing with IP addresses and configuring instances of their different services to be able to scale.

Just as higher level languages like C abstracted away the necessity of a developer to work with assembly code, serverless computing gives a developer more leverage by letting them focus on business logic while a serverless platform takes care of deployment, uptime, autoscaling, and other aspects of cloud computing that are fundamental to every application.

“Serverless” can several different things: backend-as-a-service products like Firebase, functions-as-a-service like AWS Lambda, and high-level APIs such as Twilio.

Zeit is a deployment platform built for serverless development. In Zeit, users model a GitHub repository in terms of the functions within their application. Zeit deploys the code from those functions onto functions-as-a-service and allows you to run your code across all the major cloud providers.

Guillermo Rauch is the founder of Zeit, and he joins the show to discuss his vision for the company and the platform as it looks today. Guillermo was previously on the show to discuss Socket.io, which he created.

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