Amazon Kubernetes with Abby Fuller


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Amazon’s container offerings include ECS (Elastic Container Service), EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), and Fargate. Through these different offerings, Amazon provides a variety of ways that a user can manage Kubernetes clusters and standalone container instances. The choice of which containerization system to choose depends on the needs of the user, and the tradeoffs they want to make on control and portability.

Amazon’s container products have been designed in the context of a shifting competitive landscape. Kubernetes presents a potential long-term threat to Amazon’s status as the most popular cloud provider. Properly responding to this threat has required Amazon to extend itself into the world of open source, contributing to Kubernetes and having more conversations with customers who want their products to have the high quality user experience of AWS along with the open characteristics of Kubernetes.

Abby Fuller is a principal technologist with Amazon who works on containers and Linux. Abby joins the show to describe Amazon’s perspective on containers and Kubernetes.


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