Sojourner Truth Radio: Sept. 15, 2017 – North Korea, Hurricane Irma & More on Our Weekly Roundtable

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Today, we get an update on a growing rebellion in France against center right President Macrons attack against labor unions and what is left of Frances welfare state. On the ground in France, we get the latest from Stphane Enjalran, national secretary and spokesperson for Solidaries. For our weekly roundtable: on the international front, North Korea continues to provoke. The U.N. again slaps sanctions, but with the intervention of Russia and China, the sanctions were watered down. The U.S., with all the sabre rattling rhetoric by Trump, is left with few options on North Korea. Also: is India and Japans cozying up part of a realignment in the region? It seems whatever the cover, all guns militarily and economically are pointed at China. China continues to barrel forward to challenge western nations for global influence. Meanwhile, the U.S. is sending mixed messages about Iran, as Israel frets and some wonder if the Saudis are angling to become a nuclear power. In the Americas, the catastrophes of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the devastating earthquake in Mexico have revealed a double standard in the value of human life "of who deserves relief and who can wait or fend for themselves. In Florida, many who oppose big government are now clamoring for big government relief. Will this have a ripple effect, say, on the human right to healthcare? This, as Bernie introduced his "Medicare for All" bill. On immigration and Charlottesville, the Trump administration approach continues to be divide and rule. Meanwhile, the Democratic leadership seem enthralled that Trump now "likes them, whatever that means. With DACA being used as a bargaining chip, how will immigration reform play out? Will Democrats buy the good immigrant/bad immigrant strategy? Our panelists are Bill Gallegos, Jackie Goldberg and Dr. Gerald Horne.

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