SS 77 - Common Seminar Scams To Watch Out For with Tom Antion


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Tom Antion talks to Jason on some of the common seminar scams out there. He talks about the mentality of a sociopath and how they do not have a conscience. The bad apples that run these seminars are more intelligent than the average person and they know the exact tactics, like increasing your credit card limit, to rob you of all your money and get you in debt.

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] We need to use God's power and wisdom to protect ourselves from people trying to deceive us.

[6:10] Under the Anti-Slapp Motion, companies have to prove what the person is saying isn't true, before they can effectively sue them.

[10:30] One of the seminar scams is people signing up to what they think is an application process, but it's really a contract and then they're being charged for it.

[15:30] Seminar people test the susceptibility of the crowd and see who they can bring to 'the next level'.

[23:35] Do your due diligence on the internet and see someone's track record first.

[29:40] $40 million dollars disappeared from a charity and that's only from just one charity.

[33:50] Tom talks about this three prong attack approach to internet marketing.

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