Festival of Excellence, Part 2


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"So for those of the uninitiated in math, what is a Schur ring?"
"Because we know, but we want everybody else to know."

"the Marshall Islands, they’re in the North Pacific in the Micronesian area and there are about 32 or 33 atolls and they have an average height of six feet above sea level. So with rising sea levels, they will be some of the first nations to disappear. "

"One of the biggest things was getting the feedback back and having to let go of my creation a little bit and be open to the different ways that it could…the different directions that it could take."

"understanding the scientific process—knowing how to ask good questions and find out for yourself how to answer them—is a really important skill."

"I’ve really become converted to being an evidence-based therapist, and that has caused me to take more of a behavioral approach and also a brain-based approach."

"You would think bear hair is cool, but it’s really actually the worst."

"My largest takeaway from this was I was surprised about kind of the resources that we have. Considering the LGBT Support Group, Pride and Equality Club, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and when I asked people about these services, there was 10% that didn’t even know it existed."

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