Free Speech on Campus, Part 2


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"college campuses are intended to be a true marketplace of ideas"

"what I find troubles a lot of universities or trips them up is knowing what is protected and what is not and how to administer that speech on their campuses"

"How do you find the line between an intentional incitement versus protected political rhetoric?"

"hate crimes are against the law and therefor, hate speech must be against the law. But they are two totally different things. Hate crime is a crime."

"that’s why it’s so difficult to try and regulate hate speech, because you’re ultimately regulating a viewpoint and regulating an idea, and that’s notoriously hard"

" just doing simple training up front to let people know that, “These are things that you need to think about when you talk” doesn’t mean that you say, “You can’t say these things.”"

"some of this speech that at the time was kind of offensive and difficult to listen to has changed the world in a positive way."

"if you can’t define it, then it’s really hard to prohibit it."

"speech is more than words. It’s conduct and images and all that kind of stuff"

"If we’re that confident that we’re right, then we should welcome opposing viewpoints because we know that the right ideas will surface at the end as triumphant."

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