Higher Education: Delivering the Promise of America


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"I think there’s a way to make history interesting, and there’s a way to find it interesting for ourselves, but I’m a late-comer to history. It’s been something that I’ve loved to spend time with, and there’s a lot for us to learn from there."

"the seeds for education and the importance of it were sown right from the very beginning with the Founding Fathers."

"this would be something that we would constantly be striving for, that equality, liberty, all of these noble virtues that this country had in its founding document are things that we’re striving for. They weren’t descriptive of who we were, they were a statement of where we were going."

"how do I take what appears like there’s two opinions and discover that there’s more than two, or how do I take a bunch of opinions and figure out which one is the best? This is hard stuff."

"So, what we’ve got is religion is one of the sources to teach us these values and virtues that we need. There wasn’t a public education system at the time. There were universities, but they were limited in who could go, how many people could attend them.'

"you can’t have a democracy unless we can have good humor"

"Nobody’s going to guarantee anything, but we are all guaranteed the right to pursue it"

"Southern Utah University is actively engaged, focused, on delivering the promise of America."

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