Increasing Retention and Graduation: SUU's Student Services Programs


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"Rather than being reactive and, as you described earlier, and wait in our offices for students to come to us with questions, instead, we are encouraging our advisors to be very proactive to identify those students who may be at risk for not persisting on campus or may have life struggles and going to them to see what they can do to help that student be successful. Very different model. To get to that point, we’ve had to arm our advisors to with a tremendous amount of data on each of our students, we’ve had to give them permission to do things differently . . . "
~ Jared Tippets

". . . we have a mantra by which we live and operate, and that is that we will make decisions about how we spend our time and our money and the way we approach our jobs based on 1) “What’s best for students,” 2) “What’s best for the university,” 3) “What’s best for the department or the unit or my office,” and 4) “What’s best for me”. What we see across higher education is that oftentimes, people are making decisions in the reverse order, based on 1) “What’s best for me and my career?”"
~ Jared Tippets

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