Innovation: Improving the Accreditation Process


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"Not every college or university or school has to be accredited, but we do have to be accredited if we want our students to qualify for federal financial aid or loans, Pell grants, any of those kinds of things."

"the role of accreditation is to make sure that the student and the taxpayer is investing money on the part of the taxpayer, money and time on the part of the student, to attending an institution that has met a quality standard that says, “You know what? This is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. You have a great opportunity here to get a good education.”"

"but the daunting task of writing long reports…I think most people have pointed to that as being incredibly cumbersome, incredibly costly and not terribly productive in the long run to their goals."

"Everybody’s learning experience is unique and different, including what everybody hopes to learn from the experience."

"to make vast changes, fundamental changes about the role of accreditation would require a statutory change"

"we certainly are coming to the table intending to find the point of consensus."

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