Innovation: Innovation as a Driver of Accessibility


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"So, typically you find the 18 to 24-year-old demographic of students, they thrive in an environment where you have the face-to-face, you have the community of students that they come with and that is a lot to have in terms of the experience of being in a university setting on campus. Clearly that has tremendous value and we see that in our students. But then there are many, many, many thousands of students who never had the opportunity to graduate for a variety of reasons. They had to exit and go and take on work in order to be able to support their families or those kinds of situations that they…that required them to not necessarily be at the university for the length of time that it requires to graduate. So, in those situations, you want them to have the opportunity to be able to take on the courses that they need to take on with the flexibility that they need to have with their lifestyle and other situations, that then gives them the opportunity to still finish their graduation."

  • Sethuraman Panchnathan

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