Innovation: New Business Models for Higher Education


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"The business side of higher education is really a neglected part of higher education for the most part. In part, because higher education is just such a complicated structure in the first place. I mean, with money coming from all sorts of areas and all sorts of forms—tuition and grants and public funding and payoffs from the endowment and so on—so, it’s difficult to follow all that. And on top of that, higher education is just a very fractured environment anyway, very siloed and very big. A lot of institutions are huge. So, to try to get a handle on that, it’s difficult for a leader to try to turn the boat, so to speak. But, knowing where you are, knowing where you stand is absolutely vital. Absolutely the first step."

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Article: Enough 'Do More With Less.' It’s Time for Colleges to Find Actual Efficiencies.

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