Liberal Arts Education, Part 1


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"English is one of those languages where words have multiple meanings, and when one of the meanings of the word has a certain connotation, it’s hard to use the word in any sense without that troubling connotation, good or bad, imposing on all other meanings of the word."

"the term “liberal” has been quite politicized. But there are the liberal arts, which relate to disciplines."

"Then there’s liberal education, which really sort of connotes a broader set of skills. Sort of a broad based, transferable skill set."

"And employers actually really like what the liberal arts do, what they add to a student’s education and to their life"

"when we, on a university campus, talk about the liberal arts, we aren’t talking about politics and we’re not talking about painting or singing."

"We’re talking about an education that is. . . liberally given, broadly given, that gives students a foundation to pursue a whole variety of careers, to develop the skills that will help them be successful."

"creating these transferable skill sets, this flexibility of mind, this higher order of thinking skills that students are going to need no matter what they’re working or what they’re doing."

"something that the country is moving towards is something called “micro-credentialing” or “stackable credentialing”

"we’re trying to take this idea of this broadly based, liberally given version of education and then infuse it with little “mini majors” that students can opt to take that are much more specific"

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