Mental Health on Campus with Dr. Michelle Vo, Director of Medical Student Wellness at the University of Utah


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"it’s hard as somebody that care a lot about young people to see this much suffering and wonder, “What is going on and how can we help?”"

"We keep adding additional mental health professionals and the lines don’t seem to be getting shorter."

"So, are we so successful of decreasing the stigma? Are we maybe calling more attention to something that in previous years people might have just powered through? And then what’s the utility of that? The coping strategy of powering through and just “sucking it up”? I think those are all interesting questions that I sometimes struggle with."

"I think the effect of social media can’t be understated. There’s a lot that we know about social media, how it affects mental health. It can be another stressor in the way that it’s an opportunity for people to engage in what we might call negative self-talk or negative cognitive distortions."

"you have more access to information, and when you have more access to information, you have more access to potentially fearful type intervention"

"When I was in law school, we were doing research in the library with books. We had to go to a communal place to do our research. And now, all of the research for lawyers is done pretty much online by themselves staring at a computer screen."

"the importance of taking care of our bodies can’t be understated, and I think that sometimes because of the technology that we have in medicine and in all areas of our life, we forget the simple things."

"people have become bubble-wrapped, and because of that, when they’re actually confronted with adult issues and anxieties, they may be a little less adept at dealing with them or less prepared to deal with them."

"We can’t take the importance of community for granted."

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