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"The Olympics started out small. They were always a festival to Zeus worshiping the big chief Mount Olympus deity, and the games were an appendage to this bigger, religious festival. And over time, the games got more popular sort of like what we’ve seen today with the modern Olympic movement"

"And they tried to figure out how to do this sport based on these pictures. And so we’re not sure that what we’re doing with the discus is the same as what the ancient Greeks were."

"You've got the element of one of the goals of the Olympics is to bring nations together and now this is becoming a divisive thing, not a bringing together"

"the early 50s and 60s as television dollars got involved and then in the 80s as sponsorships took off and the Olympics actually became profitable, maybe not for the host cities but because profitable for the sponsors"

"The Olympics are compelling. People will watch and the great…the winners, the great human interest winning stories, that seems to be the key. "

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