Project-Based Learning


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"really there are few people out there who have tried to nail this thing down because it is kind of an open-ended discussion about “What constitutes experiential learning and who owns that?” Project based learning on the other hand from my perspective is, “The student owns that.”"

"I go into the lab and I do assignment one and two and three and four, and I have a great experience and I’m learning from my hands-on experience. But that’s not at all what we’re talking about when we say project-based learning. "

"they put together a proposal. And you’re not going to tell them what they’re going to learn. You’re not going to tell them what they should care about. You’re just going to tell them, “What is it that you want to learn?” And then, “How are you going to learn it?” And “We’ll help you."

"our new professionals need to understand that it’s likely that not only may they change jobs, but they may do things that are completely different in 10 years after graduation from where they start after graduation."

"once we get out of the way, students constantly blow our minds and amaze us."

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