Restoring Confidence in Government


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"talk about the concern about factionalism and the propensity that we as human beings have to put our passions and our emotions to work in the way that we relate to one another and the way that we discourse with one another."

"So it sometimes feels that today in our discourse, I know more what political parties are against than I know what they’re for."

"tough political fights are not a bad thing. But when it becomes personal and we start attacking people, that’s where the problem comes in."

"the larger issue behind all of this is recognizing our own limitations as human beings."

"it’s easy to burn down a barn. A barn raising takes a community."

"we’re not a pure democracy. We’re not meant to be a pure democracy. We’re a republic with some democratic institutions"

"find a way to bring back discourse, to become less isolated in our conversations, to be less critical of people and focus more on ideas, and just build back some respect one for another."

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