Sowing Seeds for the Future with Dr. Jackie Grant


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"as far back as we can go in human history we have records of ancient people using fire as a tool."

"if you burn on a regular basis, some of your bigger trees are not going to grow on the landscape, but your smaller forbs, we call them, so smaller plants, are going to grow and you might be able to harvest seeds from those plants and then eat them or maybe feed them to some of your animals."

"if we move forward, we have, for example, this huge Brian Head fire last year and then this year, as a result of that fire, we see a lot of flooding—landslides, mudslides—and we still have fires raging right now."

"I would call myself a generalist or maybe an attention deficit scientist."

"We have to go out in the early spring, so around April or May, depending on the weather, and look for wildflowers that are blooming. So, it’s a pretty nice job to have. We get to walk around in the wilderness looking for big populations—fields—of wildflowers. Because what we’re looking for are not rare plants, we’re looking for really common plants that are going to be useful for public agencies and even private land owners who want to have their land restored and have enough seeds to work with."

"You’re collecting seeds as part of this larger project to restore forests and rangelands and such but help us understand a little bit more of the broader world’s seed collection efforts. There’s huge banks of seeds in places like Iceland and Colorado."

"You can store seeds for just hundreds and hundreds of years under the right conditions."

"You can use drones for crime scenes, so why not for looking for plants?"

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