Summer Book Club: The Ghost Map, Part 1


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"there is a hero in public health, kind of began the science of what we call epidemiology, his name was John Snow. He was not just famous for his work with cholera, which this story is about, but he also was a very famous anesthesiologist"

"here’s a guy that risked his career to go against the weight of science and medicine—all of the thinking of the day—and say, “You’re all wrong, and I’m going to prove you wrong.” That seems to be a great risk."

"one of the great messages from The Ghost Map is just because a lot of people believe it, or because we’ve always done it that way, doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly stupid."

"“What are our assumptions? And do we know that they’re right?” Because we’ve all got something that we’re pursuing that may not be accurate. "

The American Academy of Pediatrics has for many, many years now recommended that ear infections not be treated with antibiotics because they don’t do any good—98% of them are viral—and yet, for ear infection, antibiotics are prescribed about 80% of the time. So it’s a smaller example, but it’s the exact same thing. We just have a hard time sometimes embracing what the science tells us and moving on to the next step."

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