Summer Book Club: The Ghost Map, Part 2


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"And the tagline is always “The difference between a first world country and a third world country is public health.” The things that you put in place and the structural things that are available to people in order to help them not get sick just by being the environment they’re in."

"When I’m in some countries… but now I do think, “I’m so happy that we have food handlers permits and training and somebody watching out for us.” "

"the book is a story of the cholera outbreak in London in 1854. And so let’s start out with London in 1854, and what really grabbed me in reading this story was thinking about the comparison when I travel to large cities today what I find and what kind of repulses me a little bit in a lot of garbage that might be laying on the side of the street or things that are dilapidated, and I think, “Well, we should keep these cities prettier.” But in fact, they’re beautiful compared to what cities were like 150 years ago. We have no concept of how clean even our most unclean cities are. "

"he’s interested because he notices that these people are getting sick rapidly and they’re in a fairly focused area in the city. And then it became much more study-able"

"I think I see a problem, and I think I know the solution and I’m going to go after the solution, and sometimes I find that the solution isn’t the solution. It’s making it worse."

"Part of the problem with the anti-vaccine movement is most of the people now haven’t seen what diphtheria looks like or something like that. So it’s easy to believe that a disease isn’t a threat when you haven’t seen it, right?"

"I think that the first lesson to learn from this book is that we live in a great time. No matter where we live in the world, we’re living in a better time, better place than in the past."

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