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"a lot of people don’t know what the world “technical” really means when it comes to education—but it’s the hands-on, it’s the trades, it’s really what we call the “boots on the ground” types of careers in the community"

"those who register at Southwest Tech are entitled to register for classes at Southern Utah University, and those that are going to be admitted and enrolled at Southern Utah University can sign up for classes at Southwest Tech"

"many of our automotive technicians or our plumbers that come to Southwest Tech with the goal to become a technician. Then, they ask us, “Well I want to own my own business. What is the next step?” That next step could be and should be business classes at the university."

"a student at Southern Utah University can sign up at SUU, take classes, but then also walk 6 blocks, take a couple classes at Southwest Tech"

"our hopes as we build this out is that everything flows to the student’s benefit."

"Students need the opportunity to explore while they’re at the university or the tech college. And then if it makes sense to take more classes at the university or at the tech college, based on their interest, we now give them that opportunity"

"So we’ve got support from the Legislature and the Governor’s office and both of our boards."

"it was an exciting day to put pen to paper and actually see this thing start to take off."

"this relationship, this memorandum of understanding, really aligns how we want to accomplish developing that workforce of the future."

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