Talking Shakespeare, Education, & Tolerance


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"We’re looking at plays that are 400 years old and are still relevant today. And that’s why we weep, it’s why we laugh, and we could just jump right into the plays"

"the fact that we’re going to tolerate somebody isn’t as good as including them."

Wyatt: It looks to me like we’ve pretty much solved the intolerance issues.
Bahr: Oh, it’s done. We’ve solved it. Isn’t that nice?
[All laugh]

“My job is not just to tolerate, my job is not just to be diverse, but my job is to include.”

"the universality of art. Something that is funny in the 80s and is still funny today, but is funny in a different way"

"I’m grateful for the embryonic connection that the Festival has with SUU because I think we serve as catalysts to each other. Institution of higher learning and the theater is also an institution of higher learning and we are both there learning together."

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