Title IX - History and Impact with Val Bonnette


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"I think that most of our students would have no knowledge of where Title IX came from. I think Steve and I both remember back to the days when there was, in our high schools or junior high schools, a large boy’s gym and then a teeny little girl’s gym, and almost all of the athletes were males."

"athletics was tacked on almost at the end and that the legislation actually had very little to do with athletics but that it really moved to the front burner once that became tacked on."

" the main impetus for writing Title IX was access to academic courses, not athletics."

"Title IX is not particularly moved by that desire to run a business in the athletics program."

"I think things are breaking down slowly in terms of the entrenched discrimination that has gone on so many years against women in athletics. We’ve made some very large strides in even the 20 years or so that I’ve been consulting."

"We all have daughters and sons and sisters and brothers, and we just want everybody to have a fair shot at it."

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