Episode 114: Hulk Hogan's 1989 - 1990


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Bruce and Conrad have covered the Mega Powers exploding and Zeus, but what about the rest of Hogan's 1989? Learn more about the script for No Holds Barred, how Hogan taking a dump saved the movie, how the movie nearly didn't make theaters, and all about the Rumble, Survivor Series, and SummerSlam matches that year with fun sidebars on Honky, Schiavone, Bad News, and Sherri. When we get to 1990 you won't believe what Bruce was suggesting but Vince shut down, why Vince shut it down, hear a hilarious Pat Patterson quote, why the switch to Warrior, Hogan's attitude at the time, why Hogan was taking time off, who was against the switch, background on Tenta, something Bruce always thought was funny about Tenta, the reason Tugboat wasn't at ringside at SummerSlam, why the letter campaign from Tugboat for Hulk was done, why SummerSlam 90 wasn't a clean finish, and much more. WHATCHA GONNA DO when Something to Wrestle runs wild on you?! (Oh and "always believe in yourself!") Tonight until midnight (8/10) is your LAST CHANCE to save $20 when you pre-order Starrcast featuring the Roast of Bruce Prichard, the Monday Night War Debate with Bruce & Eric, and 20 other shows! Until midnight tonight you can watch it all live and on-demand for just $79 at FITE.tv/starrcast -- but hurry, offer ends tonight at midnight EST! Want more content? Want the shows early and ad free? Support us on Patreon! patreon.com/SomethingToWrestle New York, San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Phoenix on sale now: www.BrucePrichard.com Ask a question about SummerSlam 1998 next week: facebook.com/SomethingToWrestle or twitter.com/PrichardShow Tees are at BrucePrichard.com and everything else is at BoxOfGimmicks.com Save Yourself Some Money: www.SaveWithBruce.com Take your manhood to the max by trying Ageless Male Max and get your first 30-day bottle FREE – just pay shipping and handling - when you text the word “SLAM” to 79 79 79 Get your first three meals free at BlueApron.com/wrestling Get a free hat with your new awesome shorts at birddogs.com and use promo code WRESTLE

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