Episode 116: The First SmackDown!


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RAW is crushing Nitro in the ratings and WCW has Thunder, so why not create a second show right? What did the boys think of an extra day of work? What did the writers think? Who was for it and who was against it? What other names were considered? Why did they settle on this one? Why was there a pilot? Why was going live not considered? How in the world did it wind up on UPN? What McMahon quote caused Conrad and Bruce to argue this week? Join Bruce for a peak behind the curtain into a look at the business of wrestling on television in the late 90s PLUS sidebars about a potential re-launch of "Doink the Klown," how in the world we got Beaver Cleavage, and so much more. Oh and you'll never forget one of the ads this week. Ever.

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