Episode 130: Survivor Series 1993


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To say the fall of October 1993 was a tough time for the WWF is an understatement. Vince McMahon and Titan Sports are going to be facing serious charges from the the Federal Government where they would face millions in fines and perhaps lose Titan Towers (and everything in it!). Hulk Hogan is gone so they get Randy Savage back in the ring but before they do, Savage goes on JR's radio show and calls out Hulk Hogan for lying on the Arsenio Hall Show. Vince has decided to shift gears to a different type of main event attraction to feature Bret Hart and his feud with Jerry Lawler is the hottest in the company... and then Lawler got arrested. Despite business being down, they sold out the Boston Gardens in record time. How? Bruce explains a new strategy that worked to move tickets and how they had to pivot away from Lawler in the main event. Why was Shawn chosen? Who were the Knights supposed to be? How were the other Hart brothers to work with? What was the original plan before it was Bret-Owen? Plus we discuss sidebars about Ludvig Borga, Ray Combs, and of course the creation of Reo Rodgers. Don't miss the show Bruce has wanted to cover since we started the podcast, Survivor Series 1993!

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