Episode 131: Christian


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Christian a sure-fire Hall of Famer with a story unlike any other Superstar in WWE history. Today Bruce takes us back to the beginning of his wrestling career all the way through today. From paying for his training to the legacy he has left and everything in between. Of course Christian's story is one of highs and lows. Bruce and Conrad examine his on-screen debut, the pairing with the Brood, whether or not that faction ended too quickly, what helped make his pairing with Edge, what writer had the most influence on his career as a tag wrestler, what PPV "made" their team, the infamous TLC matches people still talk about to this day, and of course the break up. How did they decide who was going to be the "good guy" in that story line? What did Vince see in Christian at that time? Did Vince really want Christian to cut his hair? Why didn't it happen? What's the rumor and innuendo about the blue dot? Of course the temper tantrums, the title runs, and the departure from WWE must be addressed. How did Vince react to Christian leaving? Did the TNA run help him upon his return? Why did Dixie Carter choose him to return to TNA in 2012 as a special deal with WWE over all other contracted WWE talent? What would Christian's career look like if there was never an Edge character? All of this and much more for our podcast peeps as we examine the life and times of Christian in the WWE! Holidays got you feeling stressed financially? SaveWithBruce.com can help you pay off your credit cards, get a lower monthly payment and even skip your next two house payments! Have a question for next week's IYH: D-X episode? Head over to Twitter right now, @prichardshow Join us in Europe, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, and Connecticut too all at www.BrucePrichard.com!

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