Episode 153: John Bradshaw Layfield


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From the NFL to professional wrestling, John "Bradshaw" Layfield has been around the world more than most. Bruce discusses how John got into the business, how he came into the WWF, who John patterned himself after, where the idea for the New Blackjacks came from, why it didn't work, when John got the "stop and start" push in 97/98 as a singles, who had the idea for the Acolytes, what the symbols were on their chest, the infamous match with Public Enemy, how the team evolved into APA, where the idea for JBL came from, who were the influences, who "got the character over" in John's opinion, the heart attack angle gone wrong at a house show, the incredible bloodletting with Eddie Guerrero, the cabinet, the silly stuff with Big Show, the unique cage match finish with Big Show and who came up with it, the Nazi salute controversy, the Joey Styles controversy, the "bully" discussion, how John retired, his legacy in the business, and so much more on a very special Something to Wrestle!

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