Episode 76: Jake "The Snake" Roberts


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Nobody has a story like Jake Roberts. His family life has become somewhat of an urban legend in wrestling so Bruce and Conrad address the rumor and innuendo surrounding Grizzly Smith. They also detail Jake's rise in the business outside of the WWF, how the character was developed, Jake's interest in booking, his unique promo style, the DDT on the floor that took Steamboat out of commission, why the Hogan feud never happened, who created the DDT, how to properly take it, protecting a finisher, why people cheered for Jake, the silly song Bruce and Jake wanted to create for the DDT, how Honky Tonk Man gets blamed for Jake's addiction issues, how Pat Patterson's partner may share some of the blame, Jake's stints in rehab, why his wife Cheryl was on the road, his feud with Rick Rude, the silly Harlem rats that Bad News found, Earthquake squashing the snake, turning heel, the silly Warrior vignettes, who shot the snake-in-a-box wedding surprise, how Jake convinced Savage to let the snake bite him, getting Randy out of retirement, cocaine testing in the WWF, how Vince reacted to the Duggan-Shiek arrests, a tidbit about bringing Snuka back after he lost a civil suit for murdering his girlfriend, feuding with the Undertaker, the misstep of going to WCW and what went wrong, how Jake came back in 1996 to huge reactions, who thought Jake was just working a religious gimmick, who Jake pushed creatively, how Jake joined the writing team, Jake relapsing, how Jake was fired, when Bruce saw Jake again, and the happy ending that no one expected for Jake. "Trust Me" this is a monster of an episode!

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