Episode 98: Unforgiven 1998


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The WWF is on fire by April '98. In this episode we cover the "RAW after WrestleMania" where Sean Waltman returned to the company to join DX, the New Age Outlaws became made men, Vince tried to "tame" his new champion, and everything else on the way to the Pay Per View after WrestleMania 14, Unforgiven 1998. Why was Dude Love the right opponent for Austin's first title defense? When did the company know that Austin-McMahon had "it" together? What did Waltman change that resulted in a better contract? What was the original name considered for him upon his return? How much of his "shoot" promo was scripted? How in the world did FIRE become such a critical part of the Undertaker-Kane feud? Who first pitched the Inferno Match? When did they first put the match together? What precautions were taken? You'll also hear more "tinkle, tinkle" silliness, who Bruce saw more potential in, some discussion on Mark Yeaton, the potential plan for Ric Flair on this Pay Per View, why the company didn't run Greensboro more often, what McMahon thought about the Rock N Roll Express, how the hell Sawyer Brown was on this show, how over Sable was without really doing anything, when the experiment for LOD 2000 was really over, Hunter beating Owen for the 713th time in a row, why Hunter wasn't the opponent for Steve instead of Dude Love, details on McMahon's first chair shot, and of course "Cornette" and "Pat" discussing the inferno match. We think 1998 is so easy to talk about and these two hours are going to fly by as we discuss UNFORGIVEN 1998! Don't miss our bonus show for Royal Rumble 1992: www.youtube.com/SomethingToWrestle Check out Bruce's "Q&A" about the "Mega Powers": www.Facebook.com/SomethingToWrestle Ask questions for the "Big Boss Man" right now: www.twitter.com/PrichardShow Come see our LIVE shows or buy a shirt and get a cal from Bruce: www.BrucePrichard.com Save Yourself Some Money: www.SaveWithBruce.com And don't miss "Something ELSE to Wrestle" Wednesdays on the WWE Network!

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