Epsisode 110: Muhammad Hassan


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Anti-American "gimmicks" have been done in wrestling for decades but Muhammad Hassan is the only character to ever be banned from television in the WWE. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine the "how" and "why" of one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history. Who had this idea originally? How was it different than what had been done before? How did they choose who would portray the character? What were the booking plans before the incident? How did the man behind the character handle the success? What REALLY happened with him in "Wrestler's Court" and what was the verdict? What were the choices considered once the incident was already taped but had not yet aired? How did Vince react to the negative mainstream coverage of the angle? Did the WWE ruin a guy's career with one bad decision? The "what if" of this character and a single decision could have changed everything. And of course the guys get it over whether or not they should have done the character in the first place. Enjoy two hours and no one is going to agree about, the story of Muhammad Hassan! Want more content? Support us on Patreon! patreon.com/SomethingToWrestle Rochester, New York, San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, the UK, and Phoenix on sale now: www.BrucePrichard.com Ask a question about the Invasion PPV next week: facebook.com/SomethingToWrestle or twitter.com/PrichardShow Tees are at BrucePrichard.com and everything else is at BoxOfGimmicks.com Save Yourself Some Money: www.SaveWithBruce.com Take your manhood to the max by trying Ageless Male Max and get your first 30-day bottle FREE – just pay shipping and handling - when you text the word “SLAM” to 79 79 79 Get your first three meals free from BlueApron.com/wrestling Consolidate your credit card debt and get a discounted rate at LightStream.com/WRESTLE

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