Black Belt Eagle Scout: “At The Party”


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When you combine an indigenous reservation upbringing with the modern tinges of Portland’s alternative grunge scene, you get Black Belt Eagle Scout. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Katherine Paul first popped up on our radar with her intimate 2018 debut Mother of My Children and today Black Belt Eagle Scout returns with her highly-anticipated sophomore full-length, At the Party With My Brown Friends.

Where her first record dealt with feelings of loss and connecting to ones ancestors, At the Party With My Brown Friends explores loving relationships of all kinds, almost as a tribute to the most important people in Paul’s life. You can expect less guitar and more keys on this album, but with her delicate vocals and well-constructed lyrics, it’s peak BBES. Black Belt Eagle Scout joins us at the Barracuda this November and you can get your weekend started with the album opener and title track, “At The Party”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Sarah Cass

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